Welcome to steve-parker.org, the home of Steve Parker. I am the author of the Bourne / Bash shell programming tutorial, and of the book Shell Scripting (published by Wiley in paper and ebook formats) as well as Shell and LAMP books. There is also a Shell Scripting Tips section with short hints and tips. I am also Director of SGP IT.com.

I am also starting up a Linux Tips section, for general Linux administration and survival tips.

Back when that was relevant, I published an article about the "ShellShock" Bash bug.

I am a UNIX/Linux consultant with over 18 years experience working with Enterprise class customers, specialising in Clusters, High-End Servers, Volume Management and Storage. I have a proven track record with customers, suppliers and partners in the IT industry. Please do see my CV for more details.

Particular areas of expertise are clustering (Sun Certified Systems Installer for SunCluster 3.x), storage (Sun Certified Data Management Engineer - VxVM, SDS) and UNIX and Linux - scripting, tuning and configuring. I am also a RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and Sun Certified Systems Administrator for Solaris 10. More recently, I have been working with Agile development teams in a DevOps capability, working with Jenkins, Gerrit, Sonar, and so on.

Please see SGP IT.com for information about what the company offers, including UNIX and Linux training.

The main thing here is the Bourne Shell Programming Tutorial (also applies to Bash), a Networking Tutorial, a Silly Blog and various articles I've written. I've also got a *nix Shell Blog, which aims to provide useful information for anyone using *nix.

I've also recently added Grid Multiplication page, which demonstrates a method for simplifying multiplication tasks (without a calculator). All you need is multiplication up to 9x9 and addition.

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My Shell Scripting Book:
    Shell Scripting, Expert Recipes for Linux, Bash and more
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